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Feed Industry Audit Services

As trade and market demands on food safety increase, establishments that have adopted HACCP seek unbiased verification by an external third party to attain legal certainty and meet the expectations of their global customers.

As a state agency, the Office of the Texas State Chemist (OTSC) is the competent authority offering on-site HACCP inspections for licensed establishments that manufacture and distribute feed in Texas. Our experienced investigators utilize the Feed Industry HACCP Auditor Manual, which adopts the model HACCP standards created by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) feed industry taskforce.

Our rigorous audit includes a review the company’s:
  • Web site
  • Product labels
  • HACCP plan
  • Conformance to BSE regulation; and
  • Conformance with the AAFCO BMP model regulations

Firms that meet all criteria during the inspection and/or correct deficiencies within a prescribed period of time are awarded a Certificate of Conformance by the Office of the Texas State Chemist. The Certificate of Conformance remains in effect for 24 months.

This service is provided for in-state establishments.

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